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Nutritional and Life Management Skills

The ‘Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners’ in attendance at our Academy of Wellness ONLINE HEALTH SUPPORT CLINIC (OHSC) specialize in several areas to promote Whole Body Healing. They focus on all aspects of health, be it physical, emotional, professional (career/goals/desires oriented), or lifestyle, in order to achieve the best outcome. In keeping with the current global practice of Integrative and Functional Medicine approaches, which we both teach and practice, the Academy of Wellness firmly ascribes to the philosophy that we are not 'little individual compartments of Being' to be treated 'bit by bit'...
Our bodies are incredible organisms with the innate ability to self heal, given the appropriate tools. We do not put diesel into our petrol cars and expect them to go very far, but incredibly, we expect our bodies to perform with inappropriate fuel sources (nutrition and energy), and Keep Going!!!

Whether it be a Nutritional or Life Management Skills consultation, our Attending Clinic Practitioners adopt a balanced approach, in order to ascertain what the key underlying imbalance/s may be.  It is encouraging to note how well the body can recover, repair, and regain optimal function, when these principles are applied.
Whether it is a stress response, hidden emotional blocks, physical imbalance in your body's biochemistry (nutritional approach), or simply a need for emotional clearing  it is our focus to help you identify what this underlying imbalance may be, and to recommend ways to assist you with recreating 'body balance' to promote Whole Body Healing.

We are clear about the need for ongoing support for the duration of your healing journey, for as long as may be necessary or appropriate, be it for a ‘Life Management Skills’ or a ‘Nutritional’ Consultation, or an Emotional Clearing.  

Our Practitioners’ commitment is to walk alongside you, as you move toward achieving your health goals.

As a result of the level of caring for our clients' Wellbeing, a high percentage (90-95%) of our  business is from repeat customers and referrals.

The consultations mainly take place online, on Skype, What’s App Video or Facebook Messenger Video, in the privacy of your own home, as this is usually YOUR 'safe space', and that way you do not drive through the traffic, which may undo all the work we just did!  

If you prefer to be seen face to face at one of the Practitioners’ Therapy venue/s, you are welcome to arrange this directly with your allocated Attending Clinic Practitioner, after booking your consultation. Any accomodations or travelling costs will be incurred by you.  

The Online Health Support Clinic gives our students, and their ‘Nearest & Dearest’ special student rates for the outstanding experience and qualifications of Prof Celene Bernstein and Mary-Lou Harris, who are presently the Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners in attendance at the clinic. They bring together over 80 collective years of studies, research and experience in Therapeutic Food Management, and Integrative, Functional and Natural Health, and Clinical Psychology.

Consultations offered at OHSC

PLEASE NOTE: ALL consultations are conducted online unless arranged directly with the Clinic Practitioner assigned to your consultation. Click on each title to see details:

Functional Integrative Health & Wellness Practitioners

The Academy of Wellness

The Tutors, Mary-Lou Harris, Prof. Celene Bernstein, Augustine Shamuyarira and Hansa Pammler bring together over 80 collective years of studies, research and experience in Therapeutic Food Management, and Integrative, Functional and Natural Health, Clinical Psychology, Information Technology, and Journalism. Our manager of operations, Parminder Kaur, is strategically qualified and brings 15 plus years of working in administration at Chief Executive level primarily within healthcare and nutrition.

Course curriculum

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    Life Management Skills & Nutritional Consultation

    • Life Management Skills & Nutritional Consultation (OHSC)