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Full Day Emotional Clearing

Mary-Lou's tailor-made Full Day Emotional Clearing is a completely different process from conventional short frequent therapy sessions, as it is one session only. It is effectively combining your 8 to 15 one hour sessions in one full day session. This not only saves a considerable amount of money, as you only pay for the one session, but it also saves alot of frustration, and unnecessary 'revisiting' of the same issues.  

The Emotional Clearing takes around a full day (between 8 and 15 hours on average) and you are not told "your time is up" until you have reached the end of the Emotional Clearing.

It is a tailor made, one-to-one process where we explore as many of your conscious memories as you can recall, as well as exploring your sub-conscious memories, parents and grandparents histories and relationships with you and each other, and other siblings, as well as their and your views of the world at large.

Health sciences now very clearly show that learned behavioural patterns as far back as even our great grandparents are filtered down, and are implicated in the way that our physical and emotional bodies express health…from ‘little symptoms’ to very difficult illnesses: e.g. eating disorders, mental health issues such as depression and psychosis, immune system disorders such as cancer, diabetes and arthritis, and weight management difficulties, to name but a few.

Stress - emotional 'dis-stress', loneliness, guilt, unabating anger, blame, feelings of abandonment and rejection, etc are all very debilitating emotions that set us up to make choices and behave in ways that constantly cause us pain.

'Hand me down' stuck emotional patterns created from our life experiences with our parents, grandparents, siblings and other family members, teachers and bullies in the playground, to name but a few, are also commonly related to not achieving those Life Dreams and Goals that seem to evade us. They are frequently connected to recurring negative patterns of attachment with abusive or destructive relationships, or people that seem to enter our lives (whether romantic, platonic or business)

During the Emotional Clearing we look at emotional and life patterns that are still recurring that do not serve you, and goals that feel elusive, relationships that are dysfunctional or uncomfortable, or continue as unresolved. We then look at 'undoing' the old beliefs created when you were just that 'little girl", or 'little guy' ...when you did not have the life skills to support a more balanced perspective on specific experiences, or other people's beliefs, behaviours and choices.

We help your 'little person' by 'giving her or him their voice' so that you make new decisions and manifest new positive behaviours from a more solid and stable platform.

The Emotional Clearing is not hypnosis. It is a combination of several energy psychology modalities, and takes the form of a personalised, flexible yet structured conversation, guided all the time by Mary-Lou. We explore your past, identify the key stuck emotional patterns and the main people (key players) involved in those stuck patterns, and help to resolve them. We then integrate them into your future and discuss practical 'emotional tools' and strategies to support new ways of dealing with existing situations.

The session takes place online, on Skype or Facebook messenger video etc.

Should you prefer a face to face day, and are willing to travel, a local bed and breakfast or Inn can be booked for the day and evening. This can be discussed and prices obtained by contacting Mary-Lou prior to booking your Emotional Clearing Day.

Whether online, or at a venue, it is essential that the venue where YOU are stationed offers privacy, and confidentiality. This is of paramount importance ... there must be no-one in earshot that would compromise your responses, as withholds are not conducive to supporting you. This can take place at your home, or a venue of your choice near Mary-Lou.

The cost for the Clearing Session is £350 for the day, irrespective of the duration, as it is capped at the £350 so that it does not inhibit your responses due to financial constraints. You can budget for it, and not be concerned that you'll 'go over your time'.

Should you choose to combine your Emotional Clearing with a Complete Nutrition Consultation, this 'Combined Intergrative Health & Wellness Package' is just £430, saving you £20 on the Nutrition Consultation.

The 'Combined Integrative Health & Wellness Package' is most advisable, as your physical and emotional bodies are intrinsically connected, and what happens in the one, usually has some spin off reaction in the other. 

As a Functional and Integrative Nutrition Therapist, Mary-Lou is able to identify the underlying body system imbalances that have been compromised, and help you to create a Personalised Integrative Nutrition and Healing Strategy to address and rectify these imbalances.  

The Emotional Clearing is not always that easy to explain, as it is exceptionally personal and tailors itself around you, to support whatever is going on emotionally or 'Life-wise' in your world.

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