The 'Party Dress SOS Emergency Eating Plan

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This effective emergency eating plan is especially for those of you who left it a bit late, and still want to Glam up for your special occasion.  You can still look and feel fantastic! 



KD  (LONDON) says: "...Anxiety, Weight Gain, Sugar Levels and a Under Active Thyroid is what shook my body. I contacted Mary-Lou.. That was the first day of a new start. After a[n Emotional] clearing and a nutritional assesment I went on a pancreas food programme along with supplements. I finally understood why and what was wrong with my body… All i needed to do was stick to this and work on myself with the support of Mary-Lou. I now look back and she has changed my life. The air just smells different! I dont see life like i use too… I cannot thank Mary-Lou enough or would never know how to repay her for giving me life again. I have now transformed my body and shed weight.. I feel good … I feel alive!..."

MvN (Pretoria, SA) says: “To work with Prof. Celene has given me a new lease of life. Initially I was afraid that it would be the same story of having to eat a set amount of food each day and then I will pick all the weight up again at the end of the diet. Instead, I was taught why I should look at what I eat and how it will benefit or disagree with my body. For the first time I know what food does to me and this gave me the power to be in charge of my own weight loss and I could choose what I want to eat. The best result I got from working with Prof. Celene is that I lost 24 kg since February 2015 and I am not tired of the eating program or feeling deprived.  I look better, feel better, have more energy and realise for the first time how easy it is to be in charge of your own health and lifestyle. I am never going to stop with this eating program!!! It has been a pleasure to work with Prof. Celene. I have referred some of my friends to her, and have a list of people who want to join her programme.

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The Party Dress SOS Emergency Eating Plan
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